Mission: to advance the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting medical education and health initiatives.

Announcing Grant Awards

More than 30,000 people throughout Wisconsin benefited directly from physician-championed health initiatives funded by Foundation grants and other programs last year. For 2020, the Foundation is pleased to announce grant awards totaling $90,336 to support work to improve health across the state.

Several of the programs receiving Foundation grants this year continue our focus on various aspects of mental and behavioral health and addiction, but there is also an emphasis on disease prevention, health education and infant mortality.

Grants focused on disease prevention include general health and wellness education for youth and adults and also target unique issues among specific populations such as hypertension, diabetes and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Projects designed to mitigate the intractable issue of infant mortality and to assist schools and communities in addressing adverse childhood experiences to improve long-term health outcomes were also awarded grants this year.

More than $12,000 of the funds supporting these grants was donated during the special appeal at last year's Foundation Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction. Join your colleagues at our 2020 event on April 17 and be a part of supporting health initiatives next year.

For a complete list of grants awarded for 2020, visit our
website. To learn more about the Foundation’s grant program and how you can get involved, email Elizabeth Ringle or call her at 608.442.3789.