Mission: to advance the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting medical education and health initiatives.

Annual Donors

The mission of the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation is to advance the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting medical education and health initiatives.

The individuals and organizations named below made contributions to the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. We are deeply grateful for each donor’s support of the Foundation. We offer special thanks to our “Gold Donors”—those who have consistently contributed $100 or more to the Foundation during the past three or more years—as signified by an asterisk.

Patron Plus

Jefferson County Medical Society
La Crosse County Medical Society*
Marathon County Medical Society*
Rogers Behavioral Health*
SVA Financial Group*
Marvin P. Verhulst Foundation
Edmund J. & Estelle D. Walker Charitable Trust*
WPS Health Solutions*


The Alliance*
Alliance ENT & Hearing Center, SC
Aspirus Langlade Hospital
Baird Foundation, Inc.*
Carol Baylon*
Drs. Daniel and Rachel Bennett*
Dr. Steven and Susan Bergin*
Brown County Medical Society*
Dr. Bruce and Kathi Campbell*
Children's Community Health Plan
Children's Hospital and Health System
Clarence P. Chou, MD*
Clyde M. Chumbley, MD*
Dane County Medical Society*
Dr. Richard and Wendy Dart*
Dean Health Plan/SSM Health
Dodge County Medical Society
Eau Claire/Dunn/Pepin County Medical Society*
Drs. David Falk and JoAnne Robbins*
Fidelity Charitable*
First Business Bank
Dr. Timothy and Joan Flaherty*
David Galbis-Reig, MD*
Godfrey & Kahn S.C.
Gundersen Health System*
Dr. Loren and Marian Hart
Health Tradition
Lee A. Hofer, MD
Dr. Charles and Jean Holmburg*
Barbara A. Hummel, MD*
Dr. Norm and Nancy Jensen*
Jewish Community Foundation of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation
Johnson Bank*
Dr. Thomas and Linda Kloosterboer*
Dr. E. Lee and Christine Knuteson*
Dr. Thaddeus and Sarah Krolicki*
Drs. George Lange and Marlene Melzer Lange*
Dr. William and Marlene Listwan*
Dr. Jack and Joyce Lockhart*
Marshfield Clinic Health System*
Dr. Peter and Mary McCanna*
Dr. Robert and Pamela McDonald*
Medical College of Wisconsin*
MetaStar, Inc.*
Mile Bluff Medical Center*
Eugene J. Nordby, MD*
Oneida-Vilas County Medical Society
Sandra L. Osborn, MD*
Prevea Health
ProHealth Care, Inc.
Promega Corporation
Racine County Medical Society
Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C.
Marcia J. S. Richards, MD
Elizabeth and Ben Ringle*
Dr. Richard and Laura Roberts*
Rock County Medical Society*
Society Insurance*
SSM Health - Monroe Clinic
St. Croix Regional Medical Center
Linda and Kent Syth*
Third Coast Advisors
Dr. Susan and Peter Turney*
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
United Way of Dane County*
UnityPoint Health - Meriter
UW Health, Unity Point Health - Meriter & Quartz*
Vanguard Charitable*
Walworth County Medical Society*
Waukesha County Medical Society*
Paul A. Wertsch, MD*
Winnebago County Medical Society*
Wisconsin Association of Hematology and Oncology
Wisconsin Chapter American College of Cardiology
Wisconsin Hospital Association*
Wisconsin Medical Society Holdings Corporation
Wood County Medical Society*



Francisco G. Aguilar, MD
American College of Physicians - Wisconsin Chapter
Henry A. Anderson, III, MD
Arthur E. Angove, DO*
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center*
Thomas H. Bartell, MD*
Dr. Gurdesh Bedi and Preetika Arora
Dr. Mark and Patricia Belknap*
Shawna and Emil Bertalot*
Melissa Breen*
John F. Brennan, III, MD
R. Curtis Burgess*
Dana Corbett*
Drs. Noel and Lakshmi Deep*
Dr. Joseph and Eleanor Di Raimondo*
Foley & Lardner LLP
Fond du Lac County Medical Society*
Robert N. Golden, MD*
Drs. Elizabeth Gore and Stuart Wong
Dr. Mary Govier and John Cashman*
Mark Grapentine*
Deborah S. Haas, MD*
Dr. Cindy and David Hart
Marilyn Hawke*
Drs. David and Ann Hoffmann*
Anthony and Julie Hook
Dr. Ralph and Peggy Hudson*
Dr. William Hueston and Martha Tack*
Dr. Mark and Diana Kehrberg
Andrew C. Kim, MD*
Dr. Ken and Jeanne Klein
Ivan M. Knezevic, MD*
Madison Community Foundation
Suzanne J. Martens, MD, MHP*
Dr. John and Elsa McKenna*
Medical Society of Milwaukee County*
Mendota Financial Group*
James A. Meyer, MD*
George L. Morris, MD*
Dr. Frank and Helen Myers*
Kermit L. Newcomer, MD
Dr. Josephine Ng and Hugh Macken
Debra M. Nyquist, MD
William E. Raduege, MD*
Dr. Patrick and Kate Remington
Cornelia M. Riedl, MD*
Molli L. Rolli, MD*
Dr. Ellen and David Schumann*
Schwab Charitable
Dr. Alan and Laurie Schwartzstein
Sheboygan County Medical Society*
Thomas S. Stevens, MD
Dr. Richard and Edith Ulmer*
Natalie C. Wheeler, MD
Wisconsin Psychiatric Association*
Wisconsin Section, ACOG
Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists*
Wisconsin Society of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Wisconsin Society of Plastic Surgeons
Wisconsin Surgical Society*
Dr. Thomas and Suzanne Zoch*


Emily M. Abeyta, MD
Jeanette M. Abraham, MD
Gerard G. Adler, MD
Kerry L. Ahrens, MD
Ali Al-Hilli, MD
Dennis J. Andersen, MD
Diane M. Anderson, MD
Dr. Richard and Alice Appen*
Brian G. Arndt, MD
Alicia C. Arnold, MD
David Arnold
Drs. Al Baltrusaitis and Robin Papendick
Dr. Jergen and Jean Barber*
Dr. John and Penelope Beasley
Dr. Joseph and Kristina Behn
Charles P. Benedict, MD
Louis C. Bernhardt, MD*
Laurel J. Bessey, MD
Dr. Richard and Doris Bibler
Hilary D. Bingol, MD
Joanna Turner Bisgrove, MD
Dr. John and Margaret Blackwood
Stephen L. Blonsky, MD*
Frederick J. Boehm, III, MD
Dr. Robyn and Karl Borge*
Luke Bradbury, MD
Nicole A. Brady, MD
Gregory C. Brickner, MD
Michele E. Brogunier, MD
Mark F. Brower, DO
Dr. Calvin Bruce and Cathy Caro-Bruce
Kristen R. Bruxvoort, MD
James W. Burhop, MD*
Brad R. Burmeister, MD
Dr. John Butler and Joan Sumkin
Andrew C. Campbell, MD
Bartho Caponi, MD
Drs. Jill and Michael Cardwell
Michael K. Case, MD
Dr. Thomas and Debbie Castillo
Central Wisconsin Radiologists - Stevens Point*
Louis-Marcel A. Cesar, MD
Dennis D. Christensen, MD*
Adam T. Cios, MD
Michael R. Clark, MD
Michael J. Combs, MD
Dr. James and Peggy Concannon
Drs. James and Jennifer Connelly
Anna B. Corey, MD
Catherine Coyle, RN, PhD*
Patrick W. Cummings, Jr., MD*
Beth M. Davies, MD
William B. Davies, MD
Dr. Kirkland and Jennifer Davis
Marie A. Dominguez, MD
Laurence A. Donahue, MD
Dr. Gerald and Sandra Dorff
Dr. Richard and Laura Dortzbach*
Douglas P. Duffy, MD*
Douglas A. Dulli, MD
Laura S. Duncan, MD
Eric G. Eberts, MD
Diane F. Elson, MD
Douglas B. Evans, MD
Kelly J. Fehrenbacher, MD
Dr. Bill and Sarah Finch
Kristine E. Flowers, MD
Michael J. Foley, MD
Sarah E. Fox, MD
Wesley D. Fox, MD
Dr. John and Catherine Frey*
Andreas Friedl, MD
Alexander S. Fritz, DO
John F. Frost, MD
Loren C. Fuglestad, MD
Michael J. Garren, MD
Susan D. Gedanke, MD
Gerald A. Gehl, MD
Sandra K. Gehler*
Claire M. Gervais, MD
Drs. Terry Geurkink and Sally Wilmeth*
Dr. Valerie Gilchrist and William Scott
Jamie L. Goehner, MD
Timothy F. Goggins, MD
Robert C. Gomez, MD*
Michelle L. Graham, MD
Heather L. Gray, MD
William W. Greaves, MD*
Kathryn A. Green, MD
Dr. Erik and Marge Gundersen
Gurdon H. Hamilton, MD
Analise J. Hanneman, MD
Lewis B. Harned, MD
Hani Y. Hasan, MD
Lee W. Hash, MD
Stephen D. Hathway, MD
Heart Institute of Wisconsin, SC
Dr. Gary and Karen Hegranes
Joseph W. Heimler, MD
Ellen Hing, MD
Richard A. Hogan, MD
Anita M. Holloway, MD, MBA*
Nancy J. Homburg, MD*
Dr. Richard and Patricia Horecki
John D. Hutto, MD
Eliot J. Huxley, MD*
Charles V. Ihle, MD
Dr. Robert and Nancy Jaeger*
Kimberly M. Johnson, MD
Dr. Peter and Cathleen Johnson
Cynthia Jones-Nosacek, MD
Jeremy S. Juern, MD
Rami S. Kaldas, MD
Katheryn R. Kaldor, MD
Dr. Sivakami and Kumar Kangayappan*
Lynda J. Kasper, MD
Judy R. Kersten, MD
Frank W. Kilpatrick, MD
Christopher L. Kinonen, MD*
Dr. Kathleen and Paul Klespis-Wick*
Drs. Gerda and Robert Klingbeil*
Genevie L. Kocourek, MD*
Cary J. Kohlenberg, MD
Jared M. Kohlenberg, MD
Kurt F. Konkel, MD
Dr. Edward and Eileen Krall
David J. Kuester, MD
Karin I. Kultgen, MD
James B. Kuplic, MD
Kesavan Kutty, MD*
Raman G. Kutty, MD
Steven R. Lagman, MD
Arne T. Lagus, MD
Steve C. Lamberton, MD
Frederick J. Lamont, MD*
Paul A. Larson, MD*
Brian C. Law, MD
Colleen A. Lawton, MD
Don Suk Lee, MD, MPH*
Kyla R. Lee, MD
Linda Haekum Lee, MD, PHD*
Lincoln County Medical Society*
Timothy J. Lindgren, MD
Brian E. Lochen, MD
Dr. Thomas and Jean Londergan
Kent J. Lowry, MD
Mark J. Lucarelli, MD
Jennifer and Gary Lucier
Dr. Thomas and Susan Luetzow*
Beth Anne Lux, MD
Kaizad P. Machhi, MD
Kathleen R. Maginot, MD
Dr. Bradley and Susan Manning*
Eric J. Marsh, MD
Tracy E. McCall, MD
Joseph P. McCormick, MD
Matthew McDiarmid, MD
Brian P McSorley, MD
Michael J. Melby, MD
Ann B. Merkow, MD
Jeremy D. Metzler, MD
Dr. Donald and Mary Miech
Christine D. Miller, MD*
Dr. Michael and Kathleen Miller*
Rebecca M. Minter, MD
Drs. Nicholas and Elaine Mischler*
Dr. Michele and Keith Montgomery
Megan A. Moreno, MD
Drs. Timothy and Jamie Mullin*
Deborah and David Muresan*
Dr. Dipesh Navsaria and Rania Huntington*
Paul J. Neary, MD
Taylor E. Neff, MD
William L. Nelson, MD
Jane L. Neumann, MD
Dr. Vinay and Angela Nijhawan
Corina J. Norrbom, MD
Dr. Richard and Mary Odders*
Andrew J. Olafsson, MD*
Sunday A.O. Olatunji, MD
David C. Olson, MD
James G. Olson, MD
Debbie Oswald
Dr. John and Sally Ouellette
Edwin M. Overholt, II, MD
Rick F. Papandrea, MD
Theodore S. Parins, MD
Dr. R. Zorba and Penny Paster*
Anand D. Patel, MD
Dr. Sajidkhan and Nazifakauser Pathan
Kenneth J. Pechman, MD
Robert C. Peck, MD*
Dr. John and Cathy Pederson*
Mary Ellen Peters, MD
Daniel T. Peterson, MD
Elizabeth M. Petty, MD
Dr. Robert and Linnea Phillips
Dr. Philip and Marna Pier
David W. Pierce, MD
Pierce-St. Croix County Medical Society*
Ryan A. Plamann, MD
Colleen M. Poggenburg, MD
Dr. Robert and Denise Prehn
Peter S. Rahko, MD
Charles J. Rainey, MD*
Aaron Ranke
John R. Raymond, Sr., MD
Dr. Claudia and James Reardon*
Dr. Philip and Jacqueline Redlich*
Drs. Lori Remeika and Craig Wolfe*
Roger K. Resar, MD
Catherine Fahien Reuter, MD
Daniel J. Ripp, MD
Dr. George and Patience Roggensack*
Drs. Howard Rowley and Carol Diamond*
Jay J. Rusek, MD
Dr. Dennis and Sharon Ryan*
Michael A. San Dretto, MD*
Thomas J. Saphner, MD
Gloria E. Sarto, MD, PhD
Dr. Michael and Theresa Saunders
Justin Sawran
Paul W. Schaus, MD
Dr. Robert Schmidt and Patricia Weber-Schmidt*
Steven M. Schuckit, MD
Dr. Christopher and Geralyn Schultz*
David W. Schulz, MD
Walter R. Schwartz, MD*
Robert L. Schwarz, MD
Robert W. Sedlacek, MD
Stephen F. Sehring, MD
Amanpreet K. Sethi, MD
James A. Shapiro, MD
Thomas Shorter, JD
Philip M. Shultz, MD*
Derrick R. Siebert, MD
Greg and Kay Simmons
Drs. Jeff Smarrella and Meghan Ogden*
Peg Smelser
Eric R. Sover, MD
Eric R. Stader, MD
Ron H. Stark, MD
Robert M. Stern, MD*
Gary C. Steven, MD
Dr. Michael and Mary Stevens
Kathleen S. Stokes, MD
Richard L. Stoltenberg, MD
Kyja K. Stygar, MD
T. Rowe Price Charitable
George R. Tanner, MD
Erick Tarula, MD
Amanda N. Tembreull, MD
ThedaCare Medical Center - Waupaca
Jill S. Ties, MD
Mark A. Timm, MD
Joseph E. Trader, MD
Gregory R. Trost, MD
Michele R. Tschopp, MD
Drs. Patrick and Deborah Turski*
Rajiv R. Varma, MD
Michael P. Vrabec, MD
Dr. Ellen and Arnold Wald*
Todd Waltrip, MD
Scott H. Warren, MD*
Dr. Blake and Audrey Waterhouse
James S. Watson, MD
William G. Weber, MD*
Dr. Stephen and Katherine Webster*
Ronald D. Wenger, MD*
Dr. Michael and Michelle Werner
Dr. William and Trudy Wessels
Pamela J. Wetzel, MD
Michael J. White, MD*
Aaron M. Wieland, MD
Eileen and Dan Wilson
Dr. Edward and Sharon Winga
Wisconsin Council of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry*
Michael A. Witcik, MD
Thomas G. Wittmann, MD
Thomas J. Wolfe, MD
Dr. Thomas and Rae Wood
Drs. Jessica and Marc Young
Dr. Harry and Kathleen Zemel
Robert P. Zemple, MD
John L. Ziemer, MD


Dianne Appleby
Angela Bartzen
Michelle R. Bonness, MD
Paul D. Burstein, MD
Michelle Butler
Michael D. Curtis, MD
Rakki G. Elangovan, MD
Joseph Falk
James R. Ferwerda, MD
Dr. D. Joe and Mary Freeman
Bryan Goettel
Colleen Gransee
Wendy L. Hanneman, MD
Martha C. Hawes
Sharon L. Hirsch, MD
Vytas K. Kerpe, MD
Susan K. Kinast-Porter, MD
Michael Krach
Richard D. Lindgren, MD
Dr. Rodney and Mary Malinowski
Ann M. McNeary
Paul Meyer
Meridyth K. Munns, MD
Dr. Steven and Marie Nakata
Charles C. Nemeckay
Dr. Jose and Zaida Ortiz
Sarah J. Pratt, MD
Rick Raihle
Nalini M. Rajamannan, MD
Layton F. Rikkers, MD
Laura M. Rosol, MD
Jennifer Rubin
Stacy Savola
Melanie H. Scharrer, MD
David Schwartz
Katie Selz
Bruce A. Semon, MD
Rufus Sweeney
Hannah Tanner
Henry Thompson and Erica Berman
Dr. Bonnie and Willis Tompkins
Peter Welch

In Memory Of

Contributions have been made in loving memory of the following individuals: David Cookson, MD
John G. Den Hartog, MD
Denis Drummond, MD
Jeffrey Golden
Eric Jensen
Ronald Klein, MD
Werner E. Langheim, MD
Rudolf W. Link, MD
Archie MacKinney, Jr. MD
Gregory A. Shove, MD, FACP, FACR
Catherine M. Slota-Varma, MD
Gamber F. Tegtmeyer, Jr., MD
Carl Weston, MD

In Honor Of

Tribute gifts have been made to honor the following medical professionals, patients, family members or friends:

Lakshmi Deep, MD
Jerome Gundersen, MD
Jennie Minessale
Joanne Stygar

In Kind Donations of Products or Services

America's Best Flowers
Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery
Best Western Plus InnTowner
Blackhawk Country Club
Blue Plate Catering
Body in Balance
Bonfyre American Grille
Brasserie V
Cave of the Mounds
Charles Allis and Villa Terrace Art Museums
The Charmant Hotel
The Cheesecake Factory
The Clarke Hotel
Children's Museum of La Crosse
The Clarke Hotel
Concord Chamber Orchestra
Drs. Noel and Lakshmi Deep
Door County Kayak Tours
Douglas Art & Frame
Laura Duecker
EAA Aviation Center
Edible Arrangements
Englehart GreenSmith
Escape MKE
Fair Indigo
General Beverage Sales Company
The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.
Hampton Inn - Madison Downtown
Hilton Madison Monona Terrace
Hong Kong Cafe
The House on the Rock Resort & Golf Course
I'm Board! Games and Family Fun
Johnson Bank
Just Coffee Cooperative
Lake Geneva Cruise Line
Madison Children's Museum
The Madison Club
The Madison Concourse Hotel
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
Matthews MCW Bookstore
The Melting Pot of Madison
Metropolis Resort and Conference Center
Mickie's Dairy Bar
Milwaukee Ballet
Milwaukee Boat Line
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
Milwaukee Public Museum
Morningstar Golfers Club
Deborah L. Muresan
North Shore Country Club
Old Sugar Distillery
Orange Tree Imports
Original Wisconsin Ducks
Pacific Cycle, Inc.
The Pancake Place
Pegasus Games
Peninsula Players Theatre
Playthings Toy Store
Reach Out and Read
Rejuvenation Spa
Elizabeth and Ben Ringle
Sheraton Madison
Sitka Salmon Shares
Staller Estate Winery
Ten Pin Alley
Ulla Eyewear
The University Book Store
The Vinery Stained Glass Studio
vom FASS Madison
von Stiehl Winery
Paul A. Wertsch, MD
Widmer's Cheese Cellars
Wild Birds Unlimited - Middleton
Wild Eagle Lodge
Eileen and Dan Wilson
Wine and Hop Shop
Wings Over Madison
Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Wisconsin Medical Society
Wisconsin Medical Society Holdings Corporation
Wisconsin Philharmonic
Wisconsin River Brands, Inc.

Support from Established Funds

We also acknowledge the importance of the following funds currently held by the Foundation, which help support many of our current programs.

Student Loan Funds
Brown County Student Loan Fund
Marion Brown Student Loan Fund
Dane County Student Loan Fund
Danforth Memorial Student Loan Fund
General Student Loan Fund
Grant County Student Loan Fund
W. B. Hildebrand Memorial Student Loan Fund
Reginald H. Jackson, Jr., MD Student Loan Fund
Reginald H. Jackson, Sr., MD Student Loan Fund
Marathon County Auxiliary Student Loan Fund
Marinette County Student Loan Fund
Outagamie County Student Loan Fund
Popp Student Loan Fund
Racine County Auxiliary Student Loan Fund
Reznicheck Student Loan Fund
Ruth Stoerker, MD Loan Fund
Sheboygan County Auxiliary Student Loan Fund

Scholarship and Award Funds
Victor A. Baylon, MD Scholarship Endowment
General Scholarship Fund
Goodman-Goodell Scholarship Fund
Robert Jason Gore Scholarship Endowment
Drs John and William Houghton Award Fund
Amy Hunter-Wilson, MD Scholarship Endowment
Jefferson County Medical Society Scholarship Fund
Presidential Scholar Award Fund
Dr John and Virginia Riesch Scholarship Endowment
Catherine M. Slota-Varma, MD Scholarship Fund
Rukmini and Joyce Vasudevan Scholarship Fund
Kenneth M. Viste, Jr., MD Young Physician Leadership Award Fund
Edmund J. and Estelle D. Walker Scholarship Fund

Public Health and Research Funds
Henry A. and Irene S. Anderson Endowment
Marion Brown Orthopedic Research Project Fund
BSP Free Clinic Fund
Foundation Fellowship Fund
James and Clara Joss Research Trust
La Crosse County Medical Society Endowment
Charles W. Landis, MD Endowment
Medical and Health Education Fund
Medical Outcomes Research Fund
PIC Wisconsin Fund