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Foundation sponsoring CME session on opioids

The Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation is proud to sponsor Alternatives to Opioids in Treating Acute and Chronic Pain, a pre-conference session at the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Conference, From Asthma to Zika: A Physician’s Guide to Summer. The pre-conference session is scheduled for Friday, April 5, 9-11 a.m. at Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison.

Presenter Michael McNett, MD, a nationally recognized expert in the field of pain management and leader of the Comprehensive Pain Program at Aurora, will discuss why opioids should be used as a last resort in treating acute and chronic pain and as well as non-opioid medications and techniques for treating acute pain to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. The program fulfills the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board’s two-hour continuing medical education requirement on responsible opioid prescribing.

In addition to considering population health data, each year the Foundation solicits comments from physicians in every county to learn more about public health and physician workforce concerns facing their communities and what resources are available. Opioid addiction and substance use disorders and related deaths remain one of the highest areas reported as a concern from physicians across the state. By supporting non-profits with programs providing direct services and increasing the availability of trainings on this topic, the Foundation hopes to increase the tools available to physicians to address this health crisis.

To learn more about Foundation supported programs, visit our website. To register for Alternatives to Opioids in Treating Acute and Chronic Pain, please click here or contact Stephanie Taylor at 608.442.3796. Funding for this session is from the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation’s PIC Wisconsin Fund.