Mission: to advance the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting medical education and health initiatives.

Seven fellowships will advance medical research this summer

The Foundation’s Summer Fellowship program provides opportunities to advance medical and health research and education while also helping medical students gain research experience and/or a deeper understanding of how the medical community can work with government entities or other organizations to improve health outcomes. Seven students will participate in the program this summer.

Students selected to participate in a Foundation-supported summer fellowship receive a $3,500 stipend and work under the guidance of a physician mentor. To help bring interested students and physicians together, the Foundation maintains a database of physician-led research projects with potential for medical student involvement. It also includes physicians who are willing to help a student craft a project related to a specific health topic and serve as their mentor for the approximately eight-week duration of their fellowship over summer.

If you would like to be added to the database, please e-mail or call Elizabeth Ringle.

This year’s summer fellowship recipients, their projects and mentors are:

  • Esha Afreen, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Outcomes of Change to Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Law on Opioid Prescriptions for Post-Cesarean Women
    Mentor: Erika Peterson, MD
    Funded in part by Waukesha County Medical Society


  • Charles Gusho, student at MCW-Green Bay
    Project: Retrospective Analysis of Preventive Primary Care Modalities Employed Prior to Joint Arthroplasty
    Mentor: Mark Jenson, MD
    Funded in part by Marion Brown Orthopedica Research Fund


  • Ryan Hanson, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Association Between Length of Labor Induction and Pregnancy Outcomes in Preeclampsia
    Mentor: Anna Palatnik, MD
    Funded in part by James and Clara M. Joss Memorial Research Trust


  • Ben Kannenberg, student at UW School of Medicine and Public Health
    Project: Social Determinants of Health as a Predictor of Emergency Department Visits
    Mentor: Barbara Horner-Ibler, MD
    Funded in part by Winnebago County Medical Society


  • Darren Li, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Emergency Provider Practices and Attitudes Around Naloxone Prescribing
    Mentor: Amy Zosel, MD
    Funded in part by Dr. Richard and Wendy Dart


  • Michellai Parks, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Housing Instability Among Families and Caregivers of Children in Foster Care
    Mentor: Lisa Zetley, MD


  • Rufus Sweeney, student at UW School of Medicine and Public Health
    Project: Developing and Implementing a Financial Literacy Course for Medical Students
    Mentor: Timothy Logemann, MD

These fellowship opportunities are made possible by annual donations to the Foundation and contributions to the Foundation Fellowship Fund. To learn more about the Foundation’s Summer Fellowship Program and how you can be involved and help ensure that these learning opportunities continue to be offered in the future, contact Elizabeth Ringle at 608.442.3789 or visit the Foundation’s website. Click here for a list of recent fellowship program supporters.