Mission: to advance the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting medical education and health initiatives.

Write in Foundation when giving to United Way Campaign

Did you know that if you support your local United Way through employee contributions you can also designate all or a portion of your contribution to the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation?

The United Way is recognized as a leader in responding to the needs of local communities. At the same time, we believe physicians are in the best position to identify those programs with the greatest potential to impact health in their communities. Since 1955, the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation has assisted physicians’ efforts to improve health in Wisconsin through our support of evidence-based programs and innovative pilot projects. Today we stand ready to continue that support through our grant and fellowship programs. With our statewide reach, the Foundation is uniquely positioned to promote and expand the spread of successful programs to other communities.

By designating your United Way charitable donation for the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation, you will help improve the health of your community and your state. Just write in the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation, with federal tax ID number 39-6045649, on the blank lines below the list of organizations on your United Way pledge card and indicate what percentage of your gift you would like to go to the Foundation. It’s that simple. A portion of the amount you designate will stay with your local United Way to support programming in your community.

If you have questions or would like more information, email Foundation Program Coordinator Elizabeth Ringle or call her at 608.442.3789.