Mission: to advance the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting medical education and health initiatives.

Fellowships Awarded - 2018

The goal of the Foundation’s Summer Fellowship program is to provide medical students with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of how community organizations and/or government entities work with the medical profession to address health issues in Wisconsin. Each student receives a stipend of up to $3,500. 

  • Nathalie Abenoza, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Acceptance of teleophthamology among the Milwaukee population.
    Mentor: Judy Kim, MD
    Funded in part by Winnebago County Medical Society


  • Miles Babb, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Exploration of strengths and challenges to acute and primary care access in rural Wisconsin.
    Mentor: Leslie Ruffalo, PhD
    Funded in part by Marathon County Medical Society


  • Beth Klein, student at UW School of Medicine and Public Health
    Project: Use of complementary medicine to imporve Amish use of western health care.
    Mentor: David Rebedew, MD
    Awarded in honor of Pauline Jackson, MD


  • Katherin Mackay, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Piloting the Implementation of Silver Diamine fluride Treatment in a Family Medicine Residency Clinic
    Mentor: John Meurer, MD


  • Renee Sullender, student at UW School of Medicine and Public Health
    Project: Impact of Immediate Post-Partum IUD Placement on Rapid Repeat Pregnancies
    Mentor: Cynthie Anderson, MD
    Funded in part by Doctor Richard and Wendy Dart

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