Mission: to advance the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting medical education and health initiatives.

Fellowships Awarded - 2021

The goal of the Foundation’s Summer Fellowship program is to provide medical students with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of how community organizations and/or government entities work with the medical profession to address health issues in Wisconsin. Each student receives a stipend of up to $3,500.

  • Elizabeth Aughey, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Understanding financial toxicity among CAR-T patients who underwent dual-targeted CD20-CD19 CAR-T cell therapy as part of a phase I/II clinical trial
    Mentor: Jennifer Knight, MD
    Funded in part by the Henry and Irene Anderson Fund
  • Benish Baqai, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Discrimination, Accommodation & Inclusion: Examining Muslim Clinician Experiences within Academic Medicine Through Semi-Structured Interviews Practices

    Mentor: Aasim Padela, MD
    Funded in part by the Henry and Irene Anderson Fund

  • Delaney Cairns, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Barriers to Healthcare Impact Perception of Multiple Sclerosis Disease Progression
    Mentor: Amhed Obeidat, MD
    Funded in part by the Henry and Irene Anderson Fund
  • Brian Conway, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Quantification of intraoperative hand strength and function during awake craniotomies to optimize extent of resection and neurological outcomes
    Mentor: Max O. Krucoff, MD
    Funded in part by Doctor Richard and Wendy Dart
  • Jessie Duarte, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Social Factors Associated with Utilization of COVID-19 Relief Funding at an Urban Health Center
    Mentor: Lauren Bauer, MD MPH
    Funded in part by the Joss Trust
  • Jeffrey Liu, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Effectiveness of an intervention to increase number of X-waivered emergency medicine providers
    Mentor: Amy Zosel, MD, MSCS
    Funded in part by the Medical Outcomes Research Project Fund
  • Jacob Noel, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Perioperative Utilization and Outcomes in Pediatric Otolaryngology Surgery: Ethnic and Socioeconomic Disparities and Tools for Intervention  
    Mentor: Cecille Sulman, MD
    Funded in part by the Medical & Health Education Fund
  • Mira Patel, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Analyzing the Interplay between Socioeconomic Status and Race on Female Oncologic Outcomes in Milwaukee County
    Mentor: Hina Saeed, MD
    Funded in part by Foundation Fellowship Fund
  • Jacqueline Tran, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Assessing the Rate of Adiposity Rebound in Children Ages 0-5 from Inner City Clinics within the Children’s Medical Group (CMG) Practices
    Mentor: Alvina Kansra, MD
    Funded in part by Doctor Richard and Wendy Dart
  • Delaney Weiland, student at MCW-Milwaukee
    Project: Evaluating the impact of a hospital-based buprenorphine consult service in an underserved, high-need urban community
    Mentor: Bryan Johnston, MD
    Funded in part by Foundation Fellowship program

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